Remote Support

Remote Support is a very efficient way to deal with your IT problems. All you need is a working Internet connection and we can access your computer remotely and deal with the problem.

The remote facility also enables us to remotely maintain your computer, network and servers all year round to ensure they are working smoothly, up to date, backed up and protected against threats. We provide two options for remote maintenance and support.


On-Demand Remote Maintenance and Support: If you require ‘one off’ help to solve a specific problem or configuration issue you can directly access our remote support service.

How do I get On-Demand Remote Maintenance and Support?

1. Contact us to obtain your support code

2. Enter the code in the box above

3. Follow the steps through to install the support software

Subscription Remote Maintenance and Support: If you would like all year round maintenance and support for your computer, network and servers please contact us to find out more.

Remote services are available to all users, from home users with one computer to offices with multiple computers and servers.